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3D Rendering of Medical Device

CAD Design Company for top notch CAD

Why do you need CAD Design?

When napkin sketches have taken your idea as far as they can, the next step is a 3D CAD model.  An experienced CAD designer can take evolve your concept sketches into a 3D, digital model.   The CAD model can be created in a variety of ways using one of several different CAD software packages.

Why Experience in CAD Design Matters

The 3D CAD model is one of the most important assets in the product development cycle.  Multiple disciplines – design, engineering, purchasing, marketing, manufacturing, investors, and attorneys, will at some point reference the product CAD.

As some people find out the hard way, not all CAD Designers are good CAD Designers.   It takes years of experience to understand the nuances of the software, the manufacturing requirements, and the tips and tricks of the trade that make for an efficient work flow.  The CAD model should be robust and smart.  It must allow a number of changes to be made quickly, and the modeling should be clean and easy to understand.

A good CAD model can greatly reduce the time to market.  For example, if modeled correctly, quick changes and iterations can be made. Because the features of the CAD model are efficient and intuitive, multiple members of your team can easily work with the model.  Furthermore, a well-designed CAD model will fully capture the design intent and will provide value for many years to come.

On the contrary, a bad cad model can greatly increase the time to market.  Poor modeling practices cause regeneration failures which greatly increase the design time.  Also, Quick iterations may no longer possible.  Lastly, errors in the model may prevent the file from exporting successfully and may even keep the file from opening in future versions of your CAD software…ouch!

Advanced CAD Surfacing

Advanced CAD surfacing can take your cad design to the next level.   Surface features are used to create the free-form, organic shapes that are found in household items, toys and juvenile products, automobile components, andmore.  Incorporating surfacing techniques into your products will help you stand out from the competition.   Contact CAD Design Company if you have questions about advanced CAD surfacing, or have a potential project to discuss.