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Product development made easy.

Product development does not need to be a convoluted and complicated process.  At CAD Design Company, we help inventors and companies establishing an effective starting point, and efficiently moving things to the next level.  We can also jump in at any phase of the project t help with CAD design, DFM, 3D printing, or with concept renderings.   Email us at for a free consultation and to discuss how we can help you with all of your product development needs.

Product Development – The Concept Phase

One of the many ways we help our clients is with concept development.  During the concept development phase, we define what the product will be.  We utilize 3D CAD software to define the true shape, size, and form of your product.  We work through several iterations to define and refine the aesthetics and functionality.  Once the concept is the best it can be we move on to the engineering phase.

Product Development – The Engineering Phase

Another way that we help our clients with product development is engineering. During this phase we add featurs to the CAD model to allow for manufacturing (DFM), usability, and assembly. Plastic injection molded and die cast parts may require draft features, parting lines, sliders, and lifters. Structural features like ribs, screw bosses, snaps, and ship lap are also added. Having a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process is important. Decisions can be made early on which will help to help reduce tooling costs, prolong tool life, and reduce time to market. Contact us at if you have questions about product development or to schedule a free consultation.

Product Development – The 3D Printing and Prototyping Phase

Now things start to get fun!  We also help our clients with 3D printing and prototyping.  Using the 3D CAD model, we use FDM printing to create 3D printed models.  The FDM process allows us to select from a wide range of material types.  PLA, PETG, carbon fiber, flexible, wood fill – are all at our disposal.  This helps us to create a prototype that will best represent the material properties of the final production part.   3D printing is a very important step to help evaluate and validate the design.  This helps to identify any last minute design changes before expensive molds are made.

Product Development – The Concept 3D Rendering Phase

Using state of the art rendering software, we can transform your 3D model into a photo-realistic image or 360 degree product animation.  3d renderings and animations are perfect for user research, marketing materials, website content, presentations, and to generate investor and consumer interest.  Email us at to inquire about out 3D rendering services.